How to get to Lakey Peak



From Bali (DPS) to Bima (BMU): There are 3 direct flights a day departing from Denpasar with two operators, Nam Air, and Wings. Departure times currently are 08.55am, 10:05am, 12:00pm. The return flight is usually in the region of AUD$ 120.00. We recommend the Nam air flight as it is a jet plane as opposed to a turboprop. The Nam Air flight is also faster, with a flying time of approx 50 mins. Another advantage of taking Nam air is that you get a 20kg luggage allowance with no extra fee for boards, (wings charges Rp200,000 per board and only has a 10kg luggage allowance.

We suggest you arrive 1.5hrs before departure but if you’re short on time an hour suffice. The airport has a couple nice affordable spots to grab some food. You are allowed to travel with liquids in your hand luggage.

From Lombok to Bima (BMU): Both Naam Air, Wings Air and Garuda Airlines fly to Bima from Lombok, with several flights a day.



From Bima to Lakey Peak: 

Once you arrive in Bima there is a 1.5-hour scenic drive roaming through the countryside and hills of East Sumbawa to reach Lakey Peak and The Tree House. If you’re hungry on the route we can arrange for the driver to stop at the masakan padang place, which serves delicious Padang food. The transit fare is Rp800,000 per car or approx A$80. It’s maximum 4 people to 1-car if you’re on your own or in a small group we recommend speaking to others on the plane regarding sharing.