Surf  Spots East Sumbawa

Lakey Peak Surf

Lakey Peak:  an intense hollow right and left-hand peak, with the left, generally being longer, the right can fire on the proper swell direction. A frame with a guaranteed backdoor for those with the courage to pull in. Best at 5-8 foot that holds all sizes and goes off at mid-tides and the left can provide some deep barrels to surf at low tides if the swell is big enough.

Lakey Pipe

Lakey Pipe:  Across the way from the peak is Lakey Pipe. Aptly named this wave is a hollow unforgiving monster on big swells and a playful spot on smaller ones. It is also a popular wave amongst bodyboarders and kitesurfers during the trades season. This spot is frequented annually by world champion kite surfer Keahi De Aboitiz.


Periscopes:  Is a fun right-hander wave at the eastern end of a long reef that sticks way out into the bay, Periscopes can offer a high, tight barrel over a relatively safe reef platform and a clean exit into a channel. A short paddle out. Better at high tides with glassy or north (offshore) winds. Blown out by dry season trades. Holds only to about 6-8 ft. It is located 2km north of Lakey Peak


Nangadoro: Located 5km south of Lakey Peak, this break is a hidden gem. It has a beautiful bay on a river mouth with stretching white sand beaches to the south of the river and boulders to the north. The right-hander is short and fast but supplies a very hollow steep ride. The left-hander is a bit more of a mush burger but also has days when its firing.


Cobblestones:  Located in a secluded bay with crystal clear turquoise water, this place is the stuff dreams are made of. Featuring a left-hander with 2 distinct sections that connect when the stars align. Across the bay, you will find the right-hander which wraps around in a horseshoe fashion. Both are great waves and are uncrowded compared to Lakey Peak.


Nungas: Nungas can peel off like a mini version of G-land, grooming 200m long lefts with alternating shack and whack sections to play with. Many surfers get diverted on the long walk to Periscopes, opting for the long ride, instead of short walk. Nungas bends into a big calm bay, needing more size than the Peak and not too much S in the afternoon trades. Warning: the current is quite strong when the waves are big, so you want to be relatively fit to tackle the big ones here