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Our Lakey Peak surf lessons at Lakey Peak area can be private or group (5 people maximum).
We have an individual program according to each person’s level and objective, which makes our lesson suitable for all levels.

Standing up and position on the board

Rest and how to get out of the wave

The importance of paddling


Services of our Lakey Peak surf lessons


Surfboard & t-shirt


Photography & video

Tips for beginners

  • Currents are common in this sport and you should make them part of it. If you get into them, the important thing is not to lose your controll and lie on the board, wait for a foam barrier to take you to the shoreline.
  • Surfers who start from the innermost part where the wave breaks have priority over it. You must pay attention to this, so as not to cause accidents or problems. 
  • Ideal if you start in a surf school and you have the guidance of someone with knowledge to teach you the right techniques.
  • Practice tirelessly paddling over broken waves (foam), it is the first step to master the whole waves.
  • Go without haste, with constancy, a lot of discipline and above all enjoy this practice.
  • Don’t forget your ecological responsibility to the planet. When you leave the beach, try to leave everything as if you had never been there.

Advantages that surfing gives you

The practice of surfing brings many benefits, you make friends, you know incredible places, you are in contact with nature, you share experiences and knowledge, you have fun…
But one of the most valued advantages among those who practice surfing is the physical benefits. Besides relaxing, you are combining an aerobic workout with toning, you burn fat while working and hardening muscles. You exercise your heart, arms, back, legs, and buttocks, improving endurance, coordination, and balance. It is a very complete and integral sport, enjoy our Lakey Peak surf lessons.

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